“I need to get motivated.”

“I’m just not disciplined.”

“I wish I had more will-power.”

I hear these common refrains from those looking to get fit but seem to find it elusive. What is the secret to motivation? What is that special something that some people seem to have and others don’t? Well, like most things in life, there isn’t just one thing that makes you a master, especially of motivation. No, in contrast to what many might think, it’s an accumulation of thousands of small things, learned and practiced over time, that give this apparent superpower to those who demonstrate success inside and outside of the gym.

As a former martial arts instructor of over twenty years and now as an OPEX CCP and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach [Pn2], I’ve had the unique ability to work with over a thousand clients over the years. People who were often internally driven to achieve their true potential in fitness, health, and all areas of their life. I’ve no-doubt learned as much (or more) from observing their results as they’ve learned from my instruction and coaching.

So, what are the biggest takeaways? Well, as famous success expert Tony Robbins says: “Success leaves clues.” Here are just the top 10 we teach in our lifestyle and nutrition program and a few of my thoughts. My advice is to DO these things. Don’t just read through and nod in agreement. Go practice. THAT is where you’ll see and feel the difference!

1. “Discipline” is a myth.

You lack systems. We believe in systems. If your daily life isn’t optimized for success, you aren’t going to achieve your potential relying on will-power.

2. You need support.

Get help. Going it alone never works in the long-run. We all need support in order to achieve our biggest goals.

3. Take the long view.

No shortcuts. Avoid the trap of quick-fixes, hacks, and short-cuts. Play the long game. Most people know inherently this is right, so the only “discipline” here is choosing the right path.

4. Consider the alternative.

Face the facts of the situation. What is the alternative if you don’t take action? Stop sweeping the truth under the rug. Get it out front and in-sight!

5. High-five your successes.

Success breeds success. Track your successes. When your motivation waivers, go back over your wins to recharge yourself and get moving.

6. Do just a little bit more.

Be just a little better. Rather than going from 0-100% overnight. Try to be 1% better today. Keep doing this and pretty soon you’ll surpass your highest goals.

7. Change the scenery.

Mix it up. If you are stuck in the same old routine. Switch it up! Get outside. Heck, at least try a new squat rack at the gym! Take a new perspective.

8. Find your “power song”.

Get ready to rock. State of mind matters. Before your next workout, put on “that” song. You know, the one that gets you FIRED UP.

9. Believe.

Take a leap of faith. Rewrite any scripts in your head that say “working out is hard” or “I can’t”. You’ll easily do what you can. And once you do THAT, you might feel like doing a little more.

10. Live in harmony with your values.

Alignment is key. Your program MUST align with what you truly value. Make sure it’s the right fit if you want long-term success.

11(+1). Forget what you think or feel right now.

Take the right action anyway. We said it. You won’t always “feel” motivated. Get after it anyway. A great workout always leads to feeling better.

It’s time to take action! Pick ONE of these habits to do right now TODAY. Then, start building on that success by implementing another one each day. And if you could use a little help overcoming the big 3 stories about motivation, discipline, and will power. Contact us to schedule a FREE consult with one of our coaches who will help get you get on the right track.