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Intro to CrossFit

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Go! Discover Your True Potential Through Fitness.


We provide you with instruction of proper form and mechanics for the functional movements used in our workouts. Our initial focus is on accuracy. In addition we will provide you with an overview of the most effective health and lifestyle strategies to maximize your fitness results.


In CrossFit, you will train. You can workout on-site 3 times per week plus some bonus workouts. As we progress through the program we will repeat and reinforce these functional exercises until you can perform them well with consistency. Through this training, we will shape your body to be more functional, healthier, and stronger.


As you move through your 6-weeks of learning and training we will ramp things up, adding intensity to the training and testing your physical capacity and ability to endure. You will arrive at test-out day closer to your potential, more confident in the fundamentals of fitness and ready to take on any challenge life throws at you.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Certified CrossFit Trainer

Your new coaching team consists of CF-L3 Certified CrossFit Trainers with unparralleled experience and expertise.


Room to MOVE

Our classes are limited in size to guaranty you have plenty of help from a coach, and plenty of room to breath.

What are your goals?

We help people discover and achieve their true potential by helping with things like:

Fat loss, Muscle gain, Increased cardiorespiratory endurance, improved flexibility, added strength, self control, and increased self confidence.

Intro to CrossFit Program

Fundamentals & Trial Membership


6 Fundamentals Sessions just for Beginners


Nutrition Jump-start Workshop


Flexible class times after your first 2 weeks


Coaching, community and accountability to keep you moving

Work Hard, Get Results.

Real Work.
  Real Results.

10 Domains of Fitness

Core Focus

We coach you through a wide array of movements, workout styles and skills. There’s never a dull moment and the only easy day was yesterday.

Strength Training

Stronger people are harder to kill, and more useful in general. – Rippetoe

From medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells to barbell fundamentals like the squat, press and deadlift. We focus on functional movements that get you stronger.

Mobility and Range of Motion

Strength is gained in the range it is trained. -Poliquin

Functional fitness emphasizes full range of motion exercises that maintain and improve flexibility through practice. We’ll show you how to improve the quality of your movement in order to increase your quality of life.

Weight Loss and Cardio

I don’t like what CrossFit is doing to my body. – No One Ever

In addition to high intensity workouts you’ll get access to our Nutrition Jump-Start workshop with a Precision Nutrition L-2 Coach in order to turbo charge your metabolism and maximize your results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Great gym, knowledgeable coaches, and non-judgmental community – highly recommended!

Tina H

Current Member, Started with Intro to CrossFit

Great gym. Knowledgeable coaches who work with you to customize your workouts to your goals and fitness level. Lisa is awesome and very patient 🙂 The coaches are always available to help you by modifying movements, providing encouragement and keeping you focused on not only your workout but overall health. Great people to work out with; very supportive fitness community. Highly recommend!

Mary K.

Current Member, Individual Design Coaching Program

I started as a CrossFit beginner here and instantly felt welcomed. Coaches are all very friendly and great at adapting to individual needs. I look forward to classes and working out with other members in this supportive environment.

Johanna W.

Current Member, Started with Intro to CrossFit

Upcoming Intro Courses

We offer Intro to CrossFit periodically throughout the year. If your schedule doesn’t line up, you can also start learning the basics any time with a personal training option. Courses are taught by a CF-L3 Certified CrossFit Coach

*There is no fine print. Work hard, have fun, get results.

What You Get

The most complete CrossFit training program for beginners in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Launch Day-Test in and Measurements

Orientation Day for Intro to CrossFit: Saturday, September 12th, 10AM

We will perform a series of measurements and basic fitness evaluations so you can track your progress and compare your before/after results.

On-Site Training Days

Monday / Wednesday / Friday  (Our full gym schedule is available after week 2)


Class Length: 75 minutes for the first two weeks. Must attend 6PM class during weeks 1 and 2. After the initial two weeks, you can attend ANY of our class times! This is the most flexible schedule we have ever offered to beginners.  Train as early as 5AM or as late as 7PM. We have plenty of options in between to fit your schedule!

Over the 18 classes we will help you chart a course for achieving your goals related to:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Increased Cardio/Endurance
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Added Strength
  • Self control
  • Self confidence

Lifestyle and Nutrition Class 

There are 24 hours in a day. That means we get you for 1 hour and you have 23 hours to make good choices that promote your goals, or bad choices that keep you from reaching your potential. We will spend one of our class times discussing things like Goals, Sleep, Hydration, and proper Nutrition.

    Class Agenda

    Intro to CrossFit is for ALL levels. This is the place to start or continue your fitness journey. Over 6 weeks, you will burn fat, build muscle, and be in the best shape of your life. Every class will be led by one of our experienced CrossFit instructors. Show up ready to sweat! our classes are fun and challenging but doable at any fitness level. Our coaches are here to meet you where you’re currently at to make sure you get the best workouts possible.

    Course Details:

    • Warm-up
    • Skill training so you know exactly how to perform the days movements safely and effectively
    • A workout that is constantly varied each class and building in intensity.
    • Cool-Down
    • Stretching and Homework

    Intro to CrossFit workouts will comprise of combinations of strength and conditioning exercises employing body weight, kettlebells, pulling and climbing exercises, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, basic barbell training, shuttle runs, partner assisted exercises and many more. These workouts will progress over the 6 weeks allowing your body to adapt to the training and move closer to your goal.

    Test-Out Day

    Held on the final day of class. Time to show off all your hard work and let your results shine through as we re-take measurements and re-test the fitness levels we tested on Kick-off Day. We believe in RESULTS and guarantee you’ll see measurable progress!

    After Completion of the 6 weeks

    You will have the option to join our CrossFit program which offers up to 40 class times per week. This 6 weeks will give you plenty of time to try CrossFit, committment free, and see if it’s the right fit for you!

    What to Bring

    Participants should be prepared with water, a workout towel, and a good pair of shoes which you can safely exercise in. We recommend NOT going out to buy high-priced running shoes before you start. We’ll discuss what really works best for the conditioning and weightlifting elements of training.


    Total cost for 6-week course:


    Non-refundable $69 reserves your spot. Remaining $100 due on start day

    Privacy policy:  CrossFit St. Cloud/Hybrid Farm does not share any customer information with any 3rd parties.

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