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Ryan Avery coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Ryan Avery


I’ve been involved with health and fitness for over 25 years. Starting with traditional martial arts training in my youth, then running, and now over a decade through CrossFit™, OPEX®, and Precision Nutrition. Turning Point Growing up in rural northwest Wisconsin, there wasn’t much available in the way of performance training. When later on I opened my own martial arts academy and had students qualify for the national championships I found many of the athletes at the highest levels were doing CrossFit in the off-season and I had to check it out. This turned into a decades long Odyssey of learning, growing and developing an entirely new perspective on fitness and performance. My brother and I started Hybrid Farm to create an oasis of fitness where healthy people with the help of great coaches could learn the strategies and do the work to achieve their true potential. Motivation & Passion I’ve been learning, teaching, and helping others to teach through martial arts, fitness, and business most of my life. I have a passion for helping everyone from beginners to elite athletes find their true potential through better fitness and lifestyle strategies. Qualifications Certified CrossFit Trainer [CF-L3], OPEX CCP, Precision Nutrition L2, USA Powerlifting Club Coach, CF-Weightlifting, CF-Weightlifting Adv., CF-Powerlifting, Conjugate Methods, CF-Endurance, CF-Rowing, Buddy Lee CF-Jumprope, CF-Mobility/MWOD, 4th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo, Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Lisa Bollinger coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Lisa Bollinger


I have been in the fitness world in some capacity all my life – from a three-sport high school athlete to marathons, duathlons, triathlons, and eventually Ironman. Turning Point I started my CrossFit journey after finishing an Ironman. I fell in love with the community and the strength I gained, which fueled my passion for helping others. When my youngest son started kindergarten I began coaching CrossFit. Motivation & Passion I enjoy working with teens and adults. The different dynamics make it challenging and also rewarding. Having the ability to help a child learn correct movements and gain confidence is amazing. Working with busy adults that want to be healthy is very motivating as well. Qualifications CrossFit Level 2 Certification; OPEX Assessment, Program Design, Nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching; Precision Nutrition; CrossFit Kids Certification; CrossFit Endurance Certification; CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification; Community Health Bachelor Degree.

Nikki Schaffer coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Nikki Schaffer


I was a gymnast for 10 years and found a love for coaching it even more starting at 15 years old. I competed through USAG and MSHSL and coached through community education, MSHSL, and MAGA, girls age 3 to 18. I found CrossFit a few years ago and naturally enjoy the gymnastics elements. And once again, I love coaching the sport I enjoy so much. Turning Point Life was not always kind but gymnastics and CrossFit have always provided me a space where it is just me and the work for a little while. It is a bonus that it has provided me physical strength to match my mental toughness. Motivation & Passion There is no greater feeling than seeing another person light up when they achieve something. I thoroughly enjoy helping people find some of those moments in their life. Qualifications CrossFit Level 2 certification, Functional Gymnastics Trainer, 15+ years women’s gymnastics coaching.

Josh Kirchenbauer coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Josh Kirchenbauer


Graduated (2016) with a degree in Animal Science from South Dakota State. I grew up on a farm where we raised a herd of 20 sheep along with a couple llamas, horses and chickens. In the fall of 2020, I obtained my EMT certificate from SCTCC and I’m working towards my AAS in Paramedicine at Anoka Technical College. I started CrossFit in July of 2018 and have been competing ever since at local competitions such as Gameday Mankato, Granite Games Throwdowns and many more. I’ve been coaching CrossFit since May 2021. I obtained my CF-L2 in February of 2022. Turning Point I got started with CrossFit when my sister brought me to a local gym for Bring a buddy day. The constantly varied movements is what got me hooked on CrossFit. Since then, I’ve ventured my way over to Hybrid Farm, where I started my coaching internship and worked my way up to coaching classes. Motivation & Passion My biggest motivation is teaching and helping athletes achieve their goals. Whether its hitting a personal record on a WOD(workout of the day) or getting their first pullup. Qualifications Certificates: CF-L2, Lesson Planning, Scaling, and Spot the Flaw.

Taylor Richmond coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Taylor Richmond


CrossFit L-1, CrossFit L-2.

Sarah Avery coach at Hybrid Farm - CrossFit St. Cloud

Sarah Avery


CF-L1, OPEX Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition.

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