We do not offer group fitness instruction for drop-ins (yet) but

Hybrid Farm Saint Cloud welcomes you to Drop-in for your workout!

Our gym features 90-minute training blocks where our HybrID clients perform their Individually Designed fitness programs in a group environment under the supervision of a certified coach.

If you have programming from your coach or home gym that you need to get in, this is the perfect place to do it.

Check out the SCHEDULE page for training times and click on the class you’d like to attend. Next, click “New Here” to reserve your drop-in spot for $20.

We do not accept beginners for our drop-in service but provide this access as a courtesy to functional fitness practitioners who may be traveling or spending time in St. Cloud away from their home gym. If you are looking to get started, check out our GET STARTED page.

If you were referred to a specific coach, we’ll connect you with them. We are also happy to help guide you in selecting a coach who aligns with your schedule, fitness areas of interest and personality.

Yes, all members begin with an assessment. It not only lets us know what movements you can perform safely, but where your strengths and weaknesses are so we can help you optimize your fitness.

No, however, for new clients we do offer 4 week trial membership.

Great! Individually designed programs are the safest way to get started since you go through a full assessment and the program is designed precisely to your level. We’ll help you learn the moves and progress your skills as you improve your fitness and abilities.

No. Just your onboarding assessment and membership. Sure, you may want to upgrade your gym shoes and workout clothes but you won’t be receiving any pitches or upsells from us once you’re in this premium program. We only stock a few supplements as requested by our members (we prefer real food when possible) and some cool t-shirts. Our memberships include nearly everything the other gyms charge extra for.

We have worked with several people with a variety of previous injuries or health issues. We do ask each client to fill out a medical release and waiver of liability and recommend you get approval from your doctor before joining if you have been on any restrictions. That said, we love helping people overcome challenges they may have thought would stop them from making progress. Request a consult if you’d like to discuss your specific situation in detail. We’re glad to help!

Fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out with more info or to help you schedule your FREE introductory consultation!


Find a class that best fits your needs and goals. Check out our class schedule.