You’ve got goals.

Serious goals. There are things that you want to accomplish and achieve in your life that will no doubt serve as milestones of your progress. If you are like most people, you’ve probably got goals for your career, your family, your vacations, your bank account and most definitely, goals for your fitness.

Having goals is ubiquitous among high performers in all these areas. But how do you make sure your goals are more than just a wish? How do you know they will come to fruition? Will your goals express your potential, your priorities and your vision for living the largest life?

I hope they do.

While I don’t pretend we can solve all of your problems here at OPEX Saint Cloud, getting people just like you to your fitness goals is one problem we solve regularly, often turning weaknesses into strengths. We do this through our coaching with real clients everyday. And how do I know you ARE like our clients, that you are quite likely one of our people? Because you are here, right now, reading this blog, I know you are one of the few who are searching for real answers, real solutions.

Let me ask you this; What is standing in the way of you reaching your fitness goals? Why haven’t you been able to achieve them before now? If you have achieved them, why is sustaining them so difficult? If it’s easy, you’re probably already thinking of new, bigger goals. Don’t worry, that’s normal, but will doing the same things get a different, better result?

You know the answer.

Take a minute and think about your current fitness goals. If you were to achieve them, what cool things would they enable you to do? Not just in the gym, but outside the gym. How would your life be better? How would this affect your other goals outside of fitness? Would your career, family life, or social life be better if you achieved better health, fitness and energy?

We believe better fitness is the cornerstone that supports all other areas of life getting to their highest level. Unlocking your true potential starts with taking care of this body you’ve been given and treating it as a long-term investment, an asset that is meant to appreciate with time.

So how do you know if you’re on track? Well, it starts with gaining clarity about what you really want to achieve. Then putting practices in place to constantly move you toward those goals and having metrics that can track that progress regularly.

Sounds, simple, right? Ok, maybe not THAT simple. [Re-read part about “why haven’t you achieve your goals before now”]

Well, the truth is, it won’t be easy but the process CAN be fairly simple. At OPEX Saint Cloud we guide you through it by:

  1. Starting you with a one on one consultation with a professional fitness coach: Gain clarity. Lay out a plan. Get moving.
  2. Walking you through a full fitness assessment to determine where you are starting from. Find the “you are here” sticker on YOUR map to your goals. Get the best plan for your current level.
  3. Creating a program just for you. Optimize your training. Get to your biggest goals faster. Avoid injuries from mismatched programming.
  4. Fully supporting you every step of the way. The real benefits happen in the DOING. Complete each step with confidence. Know when it’s time to take it to the next level.

For more information, or to talk to a coach, hit the “get started” tab to get in touch.