OPEX Experience

We Believe Everyone Can Live a Larger Life Through Better Fitness

Fitness is personal – People start working out to look better, feel better, have more energy, or just to get healthier in order to live a longer, happier life. We believe fitness can help improve all these things as well as provide an avenue for self-improvement that leads to improvements in all areas of one’s life and relationships. Fitness changes everything.

We want you to experience the benefits of fitness

So we created the OPEX Experience

The OPEX Experience allows you to start making progress today. You’ll be able to meet with a coach who’ll get to know you and your goals. They’ll work with you to come up with a plan that meets you exactly where you need to start, beginner to elite, and get you on the path to success on your terms. You’ll be able to experience exactly why and how OPEX Fitness Coaching is different than a gym, boot camp or group fitness class. We’ll challenge you but keep you moving safely and on track to long-term fitness success!

What is the OPEX Experience?


The OPEX Fitness Experience is EVERYTHING you’ve been looking for to get your fitness on track. Here’s a list of just some of the things that every single OPEX client benefits from. Benefits the other gyms charge extra for or can’t actually deliver on. We do. And you can experience it right now with no contract or commitment to continue until you’ve had a chance to try it out first. There is nothing to lose but the excuses about why you can’t be successful!

  • A program designed for you at a place where everyone belongs
  • Real fitness coaching from a highly-trained professional coach
  • Coaches who care about YOU and YOUR success.
  • Nutritional support from Certified Nutrition Coaches
  • THREE one on one Coaching Sessions
  • THREE WEEKS unlimited training after your initial sessions
  • Coaching in every single session to properly perform the movements
  • Follow-up coaching session with your coach to Measure Progress

Experience OPEX Saint Cloud.

*Limited quantity coaching trial membership $199 *New members only

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