What’s holding you back from achieving your true potential? In over two decades of working with athletes in Martial Arts, CrossFit, Endurance, General Fitness, and Powerlifting I’ve picked up on a few patterns to success and failure that nearly every person goes through at some point.

Too often, athletes are working their tail off with very little tangible results to show for it and only rarely do we run into the truly “lazy” person. These people don’t show up in our bubble. So what’s stopping individuals from succeeding in fitness?

It’s typically one of just three issues and they fall into the categories of thinking, feeling, and doing.

Thinking. There is an “optimal” amount of thought and presence one needs to succeed in their workouts and competitive endeavors. I think the term FLOW applies well here. It’s the perfect balance of awareness and automation. Most athletes are either too checked out (zoned out) or too checked in (over-thinking) their programs, their movements or their nutrition. We coach toward awareness that creates positive action. If you feel clueless OR like you are experiencing information overload, a Coach will help you strike a balance that leads to success. Simply put, you have to be present enough to learn and improve. Simultaneously, if you are trying to learn or do everything at once, you’ll master nothing.

Feeling. The state you’re in makes a tremendous impact on the results you are going to get. How do you feel when you go to start your workout? Is the space conducive to great energy? Are you around people that make you feel welcome and inspired? Do you do well around lots of people or few? How are things going OUTSIDE the gym? Got any sun and fresh air lately? All these things matter. Hybrid Farm Fitness creates an environment designed to promote growth. Our programs range from individual to group and from pure strength to general fitness and cardio because you need a program that is the right fit for you and makes you feel inspired to workout and better when you’re done than when you started. If you don’t feel like moving every day, something is wrong.

Doing. Sometimes, even with a great attitude and perfect execution of your plan, things don’t go the right direction. When I see this, it almost always indicates the athlete is just not DOING the right things to be successful. Often this comes from just following along generic or cookie-cutter programs that serve as exercise. These do not serve as goal-seeking missiles in the way that having a coach assess your ability objectively, then recommend a specific course of action will. The more I study, learn and grow as a coach the more I recognize just how little real, tested, proven stuff is out there. It’s like the blind following the blind out there. It’s entirely possible that many athletes are working hard at programs that either just won’t provide the right stimulus, or worse, might get them hurt. This is also the case when an athlete follows the right program but doesn’t yet recognize poor execution. You have to work hard to be successful, but you have to apply that work in a PRODUCTIVE manner. A coach helps ensure that you are doing the right things AND doing things right. You don’t have to go it alone.