The Weekly Ritual

The Weekly Ritual that helps you get control of your nutrition and makes eating healthy and feeling better easy.

The weekly ritual is one of the most important take-aways I’ve learned from habits-based coaching. It is often one of the biggest factors in whether I (or my nutrition clients) succeed in the upcoming week when it comes to making healthy choices consistently.

This is what my Sunday version looks like, as I try my best to “walk the talk” as a Precision Nutrition L-2.

“Selective Willpower” + Supportive Environments + Healthy Routines = #SUCCESS

If not prepared for the week, my nutrition falls apart. The game-changer was when a former coach made me realize I don’t have a lack of discipline, I did have a lack of planning and preparation.

If you’re struggling with nutrition, you most likely have a lack of planning and preparing that leads to you feeling exhausted and like you have no self control later in the week. If you can “only” have enough discipline to complete the Sunday Ritual, you won’t need nearly as much the rest of the week so you can make eating healthy and feeling better easy.

Here is how I try to approach nutrition weekly and it’s the same system we recommend for all of our Hybrid Farm Nutrition clients.

Step 1: 5 Minutes

Look Ahead

Which busy days in the coming week will you need pre-prepped meals? Some days are the usual. Others, cRaZy! Sound familiar? Be sure to plan snacks and meals that are easier to grab and prepare for those days when lunch breaks will be tight or you may have to eat and run.

Step 2: 15 Minutes

Make a Menu

Jot down ideas for your pre-prepped meals. Keep this general; nothing five-star. While it’s good to experiment with new meals. Most people only eat 11-12 different things repeatedly. So, after upgrading one or two of these, write them down and prepare to make your favorite meals, just not at the last minute for once!

Step 3: 45 Minutes

Shop for Ingredients

Buy the ingredients for your pre-prepped meals. We do not get too hung up on where or how although you do not have to go to the most expensive place in town to get relatively healthy foods. Some weeks it’s 20 minutes at Aldi and 20 at Costco and that’s it.

Step 4: 60-90 Minutes

Cook for the week

Cook time-consuming meal components: chicken, veggies, potatoes, etc. Do it now so you don’t have to do it after a long day of work.

Step 5: 15 Minutes

Store it Conveniently

Pack your prepped food in stackable clear containers and make them accessible in the fridge.

Bonus Tip: NO TIME

One of the toughest challenges with getting your weekly ritual going is all the extra dishes when you aren’t just eating fast-food and things that come in disposable containers. Tackle this DURING your cooking time. You can literally get most of this handled WHILE your waiting for a few things to finish cooking. This is one of the few times multi-tasking is beneficial for me.

Let’s do this!

I can guarantee after years of doing this (and too many years NOT doing it) that it increases efficiency, decreases decision fatigue, and ensures that you’re set up for a great week of better eating.

Stay healthy + happy friends!

Coach Ryan Avery, CF-L3, Pn2

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